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Be with us on St Patrick’s Day

Mórshiúl Lá ‘le Pádraig

Tá Lá ‘le Pádraig ag teacht! So why not join us and be part of the Bray St Patricks Day Parade.

Caithigí dathanna an club agus Bí linn don mhórshiúl ar Lá ‘le Pádraig.

Its not just for kids, all members (kids and parents/guardians) are encouraged to come, have fun and represent our club and community.

For all the details please see below...

Some points to note:

Assembly Time

March 17th at 1:30pm, but please note that there will be traffic restrictions from 1:30 so please ensure you arrive early to allow for this. Parade will start at 2pm sharp, all participants need to be in place before start time .


Vevay Road (Opposite St Patricks National School). Our position on the parade is 26 so please find that marker where we will all start from. Numbers will be on the wall.


All stars to the front , then Academy groups and upwards by age group .

Kids March out front with mentors, parents stay at the back of group with the exception of the academy and all stars groups .


There is a slight change to the route as requested by the garda, we will now turn down Florence road, onto Eglington Road, Quinsboro road and continue as normal down Seymour road and onto the strand. Parade starts at 2pm at usual place and finishes at usual spot at the reviewing stand opposite O Driscolls bar.

Collection Point

Collection immediately after the parade will be on the grass verge between the viewing stand and Butler and Barry/Sealife building

We encourage all kids and parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents to March in the parade. If parents/guardians don’t want to march they can drop off at the place in parade and collect at the meeting point at the seafront afterwards. Parade will take approx 1 hour.

Dress Code

Dress in our club colours and jerseys. If possible wear coats under jerseys so our colours are visible. If you don't have club colours come in green, white and gold for the day that's in it.

St Patrick’s hats wigs etc all encouraged.

FacePaint welcome, Irish flags and shamrocks.

Please dress appropriately for the weather.


Each child taking part must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Quiet Area

Bray is an Autism Friendly town. In support of this, there will be a Quiet Zone along the St Patricks parade route (junction Quinsborough Road/Seymour Road, beside Bray Wanderers). Please notify all participants, we would ask that you don’t make loud noises or blow whistles along this section of the road.

Silly String

Silly string is banned on the Bray Streets due to the mess it makes and the cost of cleaning it up. It is also not safe to have it sprayed in the face, so the committee have put a ban on the use of Silly string, by participants in the parade and spectators. Please let all participants know so they don't bring any to the parade.

For queries on any of the above please contact Claire Miller

Mobile: 086 875 0540

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